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Seeking the BEST Trainers.
The Training Trainers is calling for accomplished and talented trainers (presenters & consultants) to help meet an ever growing demand for leadership trainers. The Training Trainers are seeking talented presenters wanting to earn up to $1,200 or more per day!

Join them on Thursday October 9th 2014!
For more information visit http://www.theleadershiptrainer.com.

The Training Trainers Flyer

The 3 New Rules for Turning Competencies into Company Results

Program Description:

Business leaders everywhere have to answer the following question on a daily basis, "How do we turn our strategies into results?" 

In this session you will learn:

  • The true definition of a competency
  • How to create standardized competency frameworks
  • How to coach employees on turning competencies into company results

Competencies for the Training & Development Profession:

  • Integrated Talent Managment
  • Performance Improvement

Click here for more about ASTD's Competency Model.

About the speaker

Pele Ugboajah is the Founder and CEO of ResultPal, where he drives product innovation and customer success. He is a seasoned talent management professional with over 15 years of executive, consulting and entrepreneurial experience at the intersection of learning and development, human resources and enterprise software technology.

Leader in Learning Award

For the second time, Austin ATD is hosting a Leader in Learning program. The purpose is to support and draw attention to best practices in our industry. We are collecting applications, evaluating projects, and then presenting an award to an individual, group, or organization in the Austin area that demonstrates exemplary use of training to improve organizational performance. 

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Austin ASTD Events

19 Sep 2014 7:45 AM (CDT) • San Antonio Norris Conference Center, Wonderland of the Americas Mall, 4522 Fredericksburg Road, A-100, San Antonio, Texas 78201
20 Sep 2014 9:00 AM • Build A Sign; 11525a Stonehollow Dr #100, Austin, TX 78758
14 Oct 2014 5:30 PM • ConsultingSolutions.net, 1016 La Posada, Room 297
17 Oct 2014 11:30 AM (CDT) • St. David's Episcopal Church 301 E. 8th St. - Austin, 78701
18 Oct 2014 9:00 AM • Build A Sign; 11525a Stonehollow Dr #100, Austin, TX 78758

               “LEAPS 2014:  

Engaging for the Future”

Learning & Performance 

September 2014

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